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Which Type of Dentures Are the Best?

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which types of dentures are the best

Missing teeth are a common problem that can occur for several reasons and to anyone. From accidents to tooth decay due to poor oral hygiene, many things can lead to an empty smile.

But, as with many other dental problems, the solutions can be offered by a dental clinic near you. Patients have a wide selection of products to recover their beautiful smiles.

The most traditional and reliable form to do so is through dentures. This is an accessible procedure in comparison to other treatments. Removable dental appliances offer several benefits and there is a varied collection of brands on the market. Each brand provides a different look and answer to different needs patients might have.

Usually, the main goal for patients is to eat and speak comfortably and to have a natural-looking smile. Without teeth support, facial muscles sag and create an older look. With dentures, things like enjoying a meal and speaking comfortably are no trouble. Dentures in NW Calgary are made out of different materials to give a natural appearance as real teeth would do.

When comparing dentures to other dental alternatives, these are the most cost-effective decision. They offer the support needed, improving the appearance of your smile at a low cost. Moreover, certain life and health situations might prevent you from choosing other dental treatments. Those circumstances include suffering from chronic illness such as diabetes and cancer; the use of anticoagulants, smoking, among many others.

Once a dentist in NW Calgary evaluates your problem and recommends getting dentures, you can start comparing the different types of dentures available. This is to make sure they will be suitable for you.

From complete to partial dentures, a patient can choose a type depending on their specific needs. Usually, complete dentures are intended for completely missing teeth. Partial ones are meant for those who are only missing a few natural teeth.

Types of Dentures

  • Complete or full dentures are removable plates for both upper and lower teeth. Usually, they are made out of porcelain or acrylic and held together by an acrylic base. Full dentures cover the gum and the roof of the mouth and this allows them to sit firmly.
  • Partial dentures are designed to fill only the gap created by missing teeth and fit into the natural spaces around the remaining teeth.

There are other types of dentures near you. One of the most traditional is the cast-metal partial denture, perfect for long-lasting goals. On the other hand, flexible partial dentures are a more esthetic option since they look more natural.

There are also implant-supported dentures consisting of two implants both at the bottom and the top, fitted by a specialist throughout one or more visits. Implants directly attached to the jawbone are a more stable option, but only some patients are suitable for this procedure.

Porcelain dentures and acrylic teeth are two great types of dentures for a long-term reliable solution since they’re both a harder substance. However, they require regular checkups to ensure proper fit and comfort.

It’s important that you take good care of your dentures once you’ve got them. Brushing completely before putting on the dentures stimulates circulation in tissues and gum, removing plaque. Besides, it helps to remove food particles and prevents them from staining.

Even though dentures are not costly, they’re not always covered by insurance. No matter which type of denture you might choose, they all require regular checkups and cleaning appointments to avoid dental health problems.

With maximum oral health, the sustainability of your dentures extends. Be sure to find a qualified professional for receiving the highest quality during this long treatment.