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Types of Mouthguards – Which One is Best for You?

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types of mouthguards which one is best for you

Can you believe that it is estimated that anywhere between $22 to $25 million are spent each year to treat tooth loss due to sports injuries? Additionally, estimates show us that about 12 million Canadians have at least one untreated dental issue at one time. Wouldn’t it be excellent if there was a way to prevent tooth loss during sports games to save money, time, and frustration?

Luckily, our team at Royal Vista Dental provides mouthguards in NW Calgary for that exact purpose. It may surprise you to find out that Canadian law already requires the use of mouthguards for players in minor hockey, rugby, football, and lacrosse teams. As well, many sports leagues require that their athletes wear mouthguards while playing their sport.

Despite this, many individuals do not wear mouthguards while playing sports. When you choose to wear a mouthguard for extra protection during sports games, you are two times less likely to suffer from a knocked-out tooth. This is why our dentist in NW Calgary recommends that you wear a custom-made, moldable mouthguard during any sports game.

If you are one of the millions of Canadians who are interested in protecting their teeth without sacrificing their game, here are the most common types of mouthguards near you:

Stock Mouthguards

These are definitely the cheapest option for mouthguards, primarily because they claim to be a “one size fits all” appliance; however, they offer minimal protection. Additionally, most athletes find these mouthguards to be somewhat uncomfortable, restricting proper airflow and pinching gums. Since these provide more protection than no mouthguard at all, they will work if you are in a rush to get a mouthguard before heading to the big game. However, they should not be considered a long-term solution.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

These moldable mouthguards can be found at most drugstores and athletic stores, and many athletes choose these as they are cost-friendly and appear to be “custom-fitted.” To use a boil and bite mouthguard, you must place the mouthguard into a boiling pot of water, which softens the material enough so when you take it out and bite into it, the plastic creates a mold that fits your specific teeth. These mouthguards tend to be more protective than stock mouthguards, but many athletes still find them slightly bulky and uncomfortable.

Custom-Made Mouthguards

These are the most expensive mouthguards out there, but they are also the most comfortable, offer the most protection, and last the longest, making them an excellent investment. These mouthguards are manufactured by a dentist near you and are made from precise impressions of your mouth structure so that they fit perfectly and provide you with optimal protection and comfort. Because these mouthguards are perfectly fitted to your teeth, they allow you to breathe normally while wearing them, which is essential when playing sports. Since they are made with the highest quality materials, custom-made mouthguards tend to last through two or three seasons of a sport, even with consistent use.

Interested in Mouthguards?

If you are an avid sports player, the best thing you can do to protect your oral health is to invest in a custom-made mouthguard. At Royal Vista Dental, we are happy to provide our patients with custom mouthguards to continue to allow them to continue to engage in the sports they love. We are here to cheer you on both on and off the field! Please contact us to book your appointment today!