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Transform Your Smile with Porcelain Dental Veneers in NW Calgary

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transform your smile with porcelain dental veneers in nw Calgary

Nothing is perfect, but thanks to the plethora of contemporary advancements, these days, it’s possible to come very close. The same applies to your smile. Everyone wants to show a bright, sparkly smile, and there are various ways to do so including receiving teeth whitening, a dental crown, and porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers, known more generally as dental veneers, are a reliable way to correct minor issues with your teeth and improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile. For more information about receiving porcelain veneers near you, contact our local dental practice today!

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells that are placed over the external surface of your teeth to help repair imperfections including discoloration, irregularly shaped teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, and unsightly gaps. These shells are custom-made to satisfy your oral dimensions and blend in with the natural color of your smile; no one will know that you’ve received veneers except for you and your dentist!

Porcelain is commonly used because it’s durable and more resistant to stains compared to resin or ceramic.

Finally, veneers can be applied to one, a few, or all your teeth. To learn more about this process, talk to a dentist in NW Calgary. They’ll be able to address any questions or concerns you have about this cosmetic treatment. They’ll also be able to identify whether you’re a suitable candidate for porcelain veneers, or if another avenue would be more appropriate.

Receiving Porcelain Veneers

The process of receiving porcelain veneers from a dentist near you is straightforward and quick. When you come in, your dentist will begin the appointment by examining your mouth and possibly taking x-rays of your teeth and gums so they can develop a comprehensive image of your oral health.

Next, they’ll take impressions of your teeth. These are sent to the dental lab where your veneers are fabricated. Your dentist will then etch off some of the enamel on the surface of your teeth so that the veneers can bond better. This process is by no means painful, but you may experience a bit of sensitivity.

It takes approximately two to three weeks for your veneers to be created. Once they’re ready, you’ll return to have them placed. Your smile will be fully cleaned and polished before dental cement is applied. This substance helps keep the veneers in position. Finally, a special blue light will be employed to ensure the veneers properly harden. Your dentist will ensure that everything is good with your bite before letting you go.

And there you are! A brand-new smile that you can be proud to show off to your friends and family!

Taking Care of Your Porcelain Veneers

It’s important to remember that porcelain veneers are not a substitute for maintaining good oral hygiene. Some steps you can take to help ensure that your veneers last as long as possible are brushing and flossing after each meal, wearing a retainer to prevent grinding, clenching, and fragmented teeth, consuming less food and drink that leave behind stains such as berries, curry, wine, and coffee, and attending biannual dental cleanings and checkups.

Furthermore, receiving veneers is not a permanent process; on average, dental veneers last up to ten years before needing to be replaced.

Are you interested in receiving porcelain veneers in NW Calgary? Well, we’ve got you covered! At Royal Vista Dental, our staff is here to guide you through the treatment from start to finish so you know exactly what to expect and don’t encounter any surprises. You deserve to be proud of your smile, and we want to help you with that. Call or visit our website to book a consultation today!