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Teeth Whitening – Myths vs. Facts

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teeth whitening myths vs facts

In recent years, dentists have been using teeth whitening to help in brightening up a dingy smile. Besides, individuals with yellow or discoloured teeth have been looking for effective techniques to solve the problem. This implies that there are various possible teeth whitening choices. Whichever method of teeth whitening you choose, it is vital to learn the facts ahead of time.

It is worth noting that not everything you hear about teeth whitening is true. You will likely hear a lot of misinformation about whitening teeth from friends, colleagues, or even relatives. Surpringly, there is plenty of false information on the web regarding teeth whitening. Here are some myths and misconceptions about teeth whitening that will educate you to help avoid using your time and money on unrealistic techniques. You will also save your teeth from being damaged

Coconut Oil Whitens Teeth

Before getting teeth whitening in NW Calgary, many people use coconut oil in attempts to whiten their teeth. Unfortunately, you will end up losing about $10 to $100 on coconut if you took this misconception as a fact. The hype around this myth is that people get their teeth whitened by swishing the oil around the mouth several times. Nonetheless, there is no scientific evidence behind this myth.

Teeth Whitening Results Last Forever

Some people believe that the teeth whitening procedure has a permanent impact on your teeth. However, you will still experience discolouration in the future. More so, you need to undergo the procedure at least once per year to maintain the desired colour. Otherwise, you can opt for take home kits from a dental clinic near you to whiten in the comfort of your own home.

Children Should Not Have Their Teeth Whitened

It is unfortunate for a child to have stained or discoloured teeth. However, such cases are on the rise because of poor oral hygiene, certain medication, or sugary treats. Some parents believe that children have to wait up until they are a certain age to go through the teeth whitening procedure. They do not know teeth whitening does not have anything to do with age. If an experienced and licensed dentist carries out the procedure, you should not have to worry about your child’s wellbeing.

Rubbing Fruit Against Your Teeth Can Remove Stains

Surprisingly, we have heard a number of patients at our dental office in Royal Oak mention rubbing fruits to remove stains on their teeth. This is not only a myth but also a hilarious narrative! Most of the patients mention fruits like lemon, strawberries, and banana peels as remedies used for removing stains on teeth without any side effects. That is untrue and can be detrimental to the health of teeth and could harm them. It is prudent to note that such fruits have high acidity levels, which eat away at your teeth’s enamel, causing them to become discoloured and prone to risks of decay.

In-Chair Whitening

Most patients who undergo this process report that it is the most effective teeth whitening method. This is false. The method is often painful, expensive, and teeth may still develop stains because of dehydration. Thus, this questions the effectiveness of this method. It would be best to evaluate teeth whitening methods critically before seeking teeth whitening near you. A better option would be consulting with your dentist prior to seeking out any services for your teeth.

Contact us at Royal Vista if you are interested in teeth whitening. You get in touch with us for realistic information about teeth whitening. Our dentists are always dedicated to giving patients advice for the most suitable teeth whitening method for you.