Botox Near You

Everyone is eager to look their best for a variety of reasons, be it for a wedding, to boost their confidence, or to reduce signs of aging. Botox injections are a great solution if such things have been on your mind, and you’ve been on the hunt for a reliable treatment provider.

How Does It Work?

Treatment involves providing a series of injections to patients either for cosmetic or medical purposes. Botox comes from the botulinum neurotoxin. It interferes with our nervous system and in turn, freezes muscles for a brief period, preventing them from contracting, which is what causes wrinkles and lines to form. This effect can last up to several months; since it’s not permanent, you’ll need to have a follow-up treatment down the road.

Benefits of  Botox Treatment

Recipients of Botox can experience a number of advantages including:

  • Preventing body pain such as neck, jaw, nerve, and pelvic pain.
  • It is a safe treatment.
  • It’s quick; you’ll be in and out in about an hour or so.
  • There’s little to no discomfort.
  • Side effects are rare.
  • The effects of the treatment start to show within the first few days.

Understanding the Process

Before you go ahead with the treatment, it’s to familiarize yourself with the steps involved so you know what to expect and don’t experience any anxiety or worry.

First, your face will be thoroughly cleaned and then your Botox provider will administer the injections with a very delicate needle. Depending on your needs, the serum will be injected at strategic sites. This will take about 10 to 20 minutes or so. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let your provider know so they can keep you comfortable.

Aftercare Tips

It will take a few days for the results to manifest and come 2-3 weeks after, you’ll be able to see the full effects of the treatment. To help you maintain these results, here are some tips for you to keep in mind:

  1. Do your best not to rub your face for the first few days.
  2. Avoid suntanning and using the sauna.
  3. Don’t engage in serious exercise.
  4. Don’t consume excessive alcohol, as it can thin your blood and interfere with the serum.
  5. Stay upright for 4 hours.

If you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to let your doctor or dentist know.

On average, the effects of Botox can last for 3-4 months. Your provider will be able to let you know when the time is right for you to receive a second round of treatment.

Areas Of Treatment

Outlined below are just a few of the many things that cosmetic or medical Botox can address:

  • Aging wrinkles.
  • Crow’s feet around your eyes.
  • Frown lines between your eyebrows.
  • TMD pain.
  • Head, back, neck, and jaw aches.
  • Overactive bladder.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Osteoarthritis.

Are you ready to kick off your health journey and get Botox in NW Calgary? If so, we highly encourage you to contact our expert staff; they’ll be able to tell you if you’re a suitable candidate for this process or if another alternative would be better. Give us a call at Royal Vista Dental today!