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How Root Canals Save Teeth

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how root canals save teeth

If you have a tooth infection, there might be a chance that you’ll need to get a root canal near you. This is going to depend on the degree of damage and decay present in your tooth. While sometimes you might think that the easiest solution is to get the tooth extracted, often some alternatives will allow you to preserve it. This is when you should consider getting a root canal in NW Calgary.

Thanks to the great advancements achieved in modern endodontics, you might be able to retain your natural teeth. This is ideal, as it will heavily influence your daily life. You’ll get to preserve not only the tooth in question but also the integrity of your jaw bone and the alignment of your other teeth.

How does it work?

As a dentist in NW Calgary might explain, a root canal procedure can be done in just one visit to the dental clinic near you. The dentist will extract the infected pulp, which is located inside your tooth. This pulp might have become infected for several reasons. Once the dentist extracts it, they will proceed to thoroughly clean and disinfect your tooth.

After this part is finished, they will fill your tooth and they might place a crown as well. This sometimes might require a second visit. However, after this, you will have saved your natural tooth. Afterwards, all you have to do is follow the care instructions provided by your dentist and you’ll be on your way to a smooth recovery.

You must take a sufficient time off work to ensure proper recovery. Besides, you should eat soft foods during the days after the procedure as well as avoid putting pressure on that side of your jaw. Another thing you can do is apply ice to the external area that was treated. This measure might help with lowering any inflammation. Lastly, you must take the medication prescribed by your dentist in NW Calgary.

If this is so simple why do so many people fear root canals?

Myths regarding root canals

1. Pain: There’s a common misconception that root canal procedures are painful. However, thanks to modern anesthesia, the majority of patients have no discomfort when they get a root canal in NW Calgary. Part of the purpose of the treatment is to relieve you from the pain you were surely suffering before going to the dentist. Furthermore, your endodontist is properly trained in pain management.

2. Implants are better: While dental implants, bridges, and other alternatives are solutions when there’s a tooth missing, these options are a last resort. If possible, the goal of any dentist is to preserve your natural tooth instead of simply extracting it.

3. You’ll get sick: Many people believe that going to a dentist in NW Calgary for a root canal might be dangerous. This is because of the decades-long of misinformation. This treatment will not cause you to develop other illnesses. In fact, it will prevent other ailments caused by infections from transpiring.

Getting a root canal in NW Calgary doesn’t have to be a scary process. On the contrary, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your tooth a second chance. There are many benefits to receiving root canal treatment over a tooth extraction. It’s faster as you won’t need as many visits to the dentist in NW Calgary. Therefore, it’s also bound to be less costly. Furthermore, having your natural teeth will always make for a nicer smile.

Remember to take adequate care of your teeth after the procedure. Brushing and flossing are key to avoid having to undergo any similar treatments in the future.