Which kids’ toothbrush is right for my child?

When you walk into the toothbrush aisle of a drugstore, it can be overwhelming to choose one for your child. Will Dora The Explorer or Spiderman do a good job on their teeth? Or maybe Elmo is the way to go?

The characters are there to make it more fun for kids, but what really matters is the characteristics of the toothbrush itself. You’ll want to choose a child-sized toothbrush with a rounded head and soft bristles.

So when do you start brushing your child’s teeth? As soon as they have teeth to brush!

Before your child has teeth, it’s important to use a damp washcloth to wipe their gums after a feeding. Once that first tooth erupts, it’s time to get a child-sized toothbrush and start brushing it twice a day. Use a tiny pea-sized amount of baby-friendly toothpaste.

If you find it hard to hold a child-sized toothbrush, you can buy a “parents’ toothbrush,” which has a longer handle designed for Mom and Dad.

As your child grows and develops, there are different kids’ toothbrushes on the market for different stages in their lives. Always check the packaging to see the age range the brush is designed for — “under two years,” “two to four years,” etc.

Make sure you’re replacing your child’s toothbrush every three months or so, and also replace it after they recover from a cold or flu to keep germs at bay.

Talk to us today to learn more about choosing the right kids’ toothbrush. We’d be happy to help answer your questions!

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