Royal Oak Sports Guards and Bite Appliances

While there are many ways to damage your teeth, the most common are through athletic injuries and night-time clenching and grinding.

At Royal Vista Dental, we are happy to create custom appliances to protect your teeth from experiencing harm.

Sports Guards

Sports are a great way to exercise – they’re also a great way to injure your teeth. If you’re involved in athletics, you must wear a guard to protect your teeth from impact. At Royal Vista Dental, we will create custom sports guards that will give you the cushioning you need.

Bite Appliances

Do you clench your jaw or grind your teeth in your sleep? This is called “bruxism”, and it may leave you with headaches, jaw pain, and damaged teeth. Ask your dentist about a custom bite appliance to protect you from further harm.

To learn more about our custom guards and bite appliances, contact Royal Vista Dental today.

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