Royal Oak Sedation Dentistry

Do you find yourself feeling anxious about dental procedures? At Royal Vista Dental in Northwest Calgary, we aim to ease your anxieties with sedation dentistry.

Our sedation dentistry options allow you to relax while we work on your teeth.

Oral Sedation

With our oral sedation option, we ask you to swallow a pill which allows you to feel calm and content. Easy and effective, this method is beneficial to anxious patients as it does not involve other commonly feared instruments, such as needles.

IV Sedation

At Royal Vista Dental, we are proud to offer intravenous sedation for our nervous patients. While carefully monitored, you will remain asleep during your entire procedure.

Nitrous Oxide

Our nitrous oxide option is a popular form of sedation dentistry in Royal Oak. We ask you to breath in a small amount of nitrous oxide. This will relax you, allowing us to work on your teeth without making you anxious.

For more information about Royal Oak sedation dentistry, contact Royal Vista Dental today.

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