Royal Oak Dental Restoration

Do you have damaged or decaying teeth? You’re not alone. These painful dental health problems are common and should not be ignored. That’s why you should call Royal Vista Dental if you’re having issues with your teeth. We will restore your smile to satisfaction with our wide range of dental restoration services.


If you’ve got a cavity, it needs a filling! We can fix these tiny holes in your tooth’s protective enamel by removing the decayed section and filling it with metal, acrylic or porcelain. Your tooth will be good as new.


Is your tooth severely decayed? You might need a crown! We can protect your decayed tooth from further damage by encapsulating it with a crown made from gold, porcelain fused to metal, or pure white porcelain.


Sometimes teeth are damaged in such a way that it threatens their structure. In this case, direct fillings aren’t an option. Instead, you’ll need an inlay: a special dental restoration made from gold or porcelain that protects the biting surface of your damaged tooth.


When substantial decay harms your tooth’s structure, you might need an onlay. An onlay may cover one or more cusps of your tooth, though it’s similar to an inlay in that it protects the biting surface and structure.

Dental Bridges

We know it’s sad to lose a tooth, but luckily we can replace your extracted tooth with a bridge – an artificial tooth that connects to your surrounding teeth.

For more information about our dental restoration services, contact Royal Vista Dental today.

Watch videos about Dental Restorations:

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